Do Online Therapists Really Work Just as Well and Cost Half as Much?

According to the World Health Organization, over 450 Million people are currently battling Mental Illness. That’s a large percentage of the population that is struggling against a disease and may or may not be getting the proper treatment. Mental health therapy is hugely expensive, with hourly rates for therapists ranging from $75 per hour all the way up to $500 per hour. Sometimes health insurance will cover it, sometimes not.

There are other answers out there for people suffering from mental illness. Sometimes friends and family can provide counseling or a friendly shoulder to lean on, or online forums such as reddit can offer communities of similarly affected people. Often times, however, mental illness can go untreated. It’s easy to brush aside, go about your business all the while ignoring problems that will only grow bigger with time and stress. Some people go undiagnosed and never know they have a problem before it’s too late. Others skip treatment they know they need because they can’t afford it, or are unsatisfied with their current therapist and have no other choices.

Fortunately for the afflicted, it’s 2017 and we have technology solving all kinds of problems including health related issues. Thanks to online services like BetterHelp, you can be instantly connected to a certified, licensed mental health therapist. This therapy, because you are connecting over the internet, comes at a fraction of the cost.

When you choose to “get started” on the website, you are presented with a set of questions that determine your counseling needs and current mental health situation. These include questions about one’s gender, age, relationship status, sleeping and eating habits, as well as feelings of distress. While these questions might seem cumbersome, they are intended to create a treatment plan that molds to your specific needs and personality. The more diligently they are answered, the higher the chances are that you will find the website helpful.

After this process, you are matched with an e-counselor typically within 24 hours. Once signed up you’d get directed to a private chat room that was similar to an online chat page with Skype or Google Hangouts. You could type whatever you want, attach files, or record audio/video and counselors usually respond back in a few hours. Everyone deserves to be at peace with themselves, and with this service, everyone can get better help in getting there.