Boost Your Energy With These 4 Natural Supplements

Energy: It’s something that most of us claim to be lacking and for which we endlessly search in a series of health potions and lotions. While feeling tired from time to time is a natural response to the stresses of everyday life, continual fatigue can be linked to poor health and over time, might begin to affect the way you live. In order to combat tiredness and boost your energy, you might need to go back to the source and boost your nutritional intake. When it comes to keeping things in check, the natural supplement is a great way in which to keep things ticking over. Which are the best for energy, though? Prepare to get seriously energized; these supplements will have you up and at ‘em in no time.



Used in key stages of metabolic processes, iodine plays an important role in breaking down foods and extracting energy from them. The more iodine that your thyroid can use in the process, the higher the amount of hormones that are produced and in turn, the more efficiently your body can produce and regulate energy. Over time, the supplement can boost your feeling of wellbeing and help to keep you moving on the go.



As well as being known to aid stress and anxiety, ginseng has been found to help effectively boost energy when taken over time. Working with chemicals in the brain, the food supplement can help to improve cognitive functioning, remove free radicals from the blood and lower toxic levels. Overall, you can boost your energy level and work with a clearer mind.



Magnesium might just be the food supplement to end all food supplements. As well as boosting brain and nerve function and maintaining a healthy heart, the supplement can help to keep things running internally, too, leading to a general feeling of boosted energy. While you can take magnesium in capsule form, it can also be found inside spinach, pumpkin seeds and almonds.



Primarily a hormone, melatonin directly influences the production of energy in the body. Those with lower levels of the hormone in their body are more likely to suffer from fatigue and accelerated brain ageing. While you can take melatonin in supplement form, you can also help to boost your own levels by sleeping with all of the lights off and getting a good night’s rest.