Meditate Yourself Into The Promotion You Deserve

This is not some hippie-dippy formula for accessing your inner child so you can atone all your childhood fails. There may be a place for that, but this ain’t that blog.



Think of meditation as a superpower. You don’t walk around waving a flag about your powers. You play your cards close to your chest, not in shame, but with the understanding that not everybody has the maturity to understand.

When the time is right, you’ll unleash your secret powers.

A constant mindfulness practice will not cure you of what ails you, but over time it will give a greater awareness of the aspects of your mind that undermine you. This isn’t voodoo. It’s science. It’s gonna get you promoted

Mindfulness Practice



When you say the word meditation, the first thing people think of is someone seated in a weird position, maybe humming. You can sit in whatever weird position you want. I like to sit upright in a chair with my feet on the ground.

The goal is not body contortions, but to gain awareness of your emotions and thoughts. Our minds are a constant stream of thinking and feeling.

Most times we are unaware of those thoughts or feelings until they’re screaming at us. The goal with meditation of this sort is not to stop those  thoughts or emotions.

You want to take awareness, to become the observer. Think of it like watching a storm from your window instead of standing in the rain.

When you apply the practice of mindfulness, it’s like practicing a sport. The more you push yourself beyond normal expectations, the better you perform when the game of life happens.

You won’t stop every dumb thought or emotional outburst, but you may catch one a day. Over time, you’ll learn to see those emotions and thoughts before they arise, recognizing circumstances that bring out the worst in you.

You will learn to stay ahead of them.

Meditation Science



The practice of mindfulness predates our western ideas about science. Before we had double-blind testing, we had anecdotal evidence.

People across cultures, but especially in the East have observed for thousands of years that those who meditate find a peace that others do not.

If you aren’t satisfied with anecdotes, then observe the overwhelming pile of modern research we have on mindfulness.

Through research, we’ve found benefit in the initial stages of meditation. We’ve found that mindfulness can not only relieve stress but increase empathy and cognition, help alleviate depression regression, on-and-on.

The amount of research on the positive effects of mindfulness is insurmountable. You can sum it up by saying, mindfulness makes us better people.

Your Promotion



Consider that there are many factors at play with a promotion, many of which you have no control.

Take, for example, timing. You have no control over that. The only thing you can control is yourself. You can control the way you react to your emotions and thoughts.

Promotions come to those who are ready, willing, and able.

You’re willing, that much we know, and you believe yourself able, but readiness is something others will judge. In fact, readiness influences the perceptions others have about your abilities.

You may have all the potential inside you, but if you’re emotionally immature, it will undermine confidence in your potential.

Leaders have to manage their emotions, more and more as they move up. They also have to filter their thoughts.

As one who practices daily mindfulness, you are training for your opportunity every day. You are learning to demonstrate your readiness.



Commit to the right self-talk. Rather than assume you will start meditating tomorrow, then get promoted in six months, just start meditating.

Read a book on mindfulness or use an app like Headspace. You will learn that mindfulness is all about screwing yourself into the present moment. You can plan for the future, but living for it removes your awareness.

Like any skill, this is going to take you time to show competency. You’ll experience some immediate benefits, but the path of mindfulness is a lifetime journey.

Tell them you want your chance to get ahead, but perhaps don’t tell them you’re meditating. Keep your practice to yourself like a superhero hides his secret identity.