5 Ways To Supercharge Your Productivity At Work

Going through a slump in your working life is much more common than you would think. While you might be hit by waves of productivity and focus, you can also lose your attention altogether at work, slipping into hours of distraction and procrastination. It’s time to take action. There’s no secret cure to getting more done in the day and by simply streamlining your activity and redefining your focus, you can change the way that you work for good. Want to be a mean, lean, productivity machine? You can do this.

  1. Group Similar Items Together
(source: syattfitness.com)

(source: syattfitness.com)

When you first get into the office, it’s a good idea to make a plan of the tasks you have to complete before the end of the day. Knowing how you’re going to be using your time is a simple way to stay focused and stick to a schedule. When you’re running through your list of things to do, try thinking about the sorts of tasks you have and how they can be woven together. By completing similar tasks within the same slot of time, you can boost your brain’s efficiency and keep a narrow focus for a longer period.

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