In It To Win It: How To Prioritize Your Life Goals

In life, we all tend to chase a certain goal that we envisage for our future. Whether or not we make it is all a question of organization, productivity and drive and along the way, it is very possible to meet a hurdle or two that might derail the whole thing. Grasping the future that you had always pictured for yourself is very much within reach; all it takes is a little prioritization. Do you chase too many projects at once? Here’s why streamlining your time might be the best way to meet success sooner rather than later.



It might seem like a no-brainer, but knowing what they really want is something that prevents many people from chasing their dream. While you might have a vague outline of the future you plan for yourself, try taking the time in which to write down the specifics and list your end goal. No matter how insignificant it might seem, note everything down that you want from your life. Once you have a clear picture, making a plan will become much more easy.



Now comes the time to streamline your list of goals. After you’ve jotted down everything that you want to achieve, try listing each item in order of priority in your life. Once you’ve done this, make a separate list which contains only the top 5 goals you have noted nown. The items listed on this separate note should take precedence over everything else that you wrote down. The more pressing the goal, the more amount of time you should dedicate to it.



Making a list is all well and good but the secret to real success is formulating a plan in which to meet these goals. Try focusing on each item and outline a way in which you can start to get the goal off its feet. It could be as simple as sending an email, or doing some research but the key is to get active about it. Once you have outlined a plan for each, you can begin to set them into motion; there’s no time like the present, after all.



The best plans are those which bring together multiple goals in one fell swoop and incorporate a number of areas in your life. While it is best to focus on your priority tasks above all else, there’s no reason why you can’t marry some of your other, smaller goals into the mix. If, for example, your goal is to lose a certain amount of weight and you have another goal to eat less meat, or exercise more regularly, you can incorporate these elements into your larger plan. More often than not, our plans go together like peas in a pod; it is our task to link them together.



When you’re in the midst of a new project, it can often be difficult to realize just how far you’ve come in a short space of time. If you’re struggling to find motivation, a great tool to use can be the journal. At the start of your journey, try noting down your feelings and observations, writing how these change over time. At the end of every week, look back to where you started and mark down what you have achieved since. You might just be surprised at how far you have come on your own!