5 Productivity Hacks You Need To Know

Do you dream of a more efficient, color-coded world? Do you wish all of your files were alphabetized and your diary was set up weeks in advance? Your perfect life might not be as far away as you had thought and by following these productivity hacks, you could be about to make a whole lot of extra time for yourself. Let’s get organized.


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When you’re trying to get work done, there is nothing more distracting than the sound of your phone. No matter how hard you might try, resisting the temptation of an incoming notification is all but impossible and before long, you might find yourself wrapped in a lengthy digital discussion. To avoid wasting time, try turning off your phone notifications for social media and group messaging when you’re at the office. Anything important will find its way through to you but the rest can wait for later.


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Making your way through a clogged up email inbox is one of the best ways that you can lose huge chunks of time and when it comes to unnecessary emails, there is nothing more wasteful than the email newsletter. Unless you’re getting something genuinely helpful from your subscription, try removing the newsletter from your main inbox or having it sent elsewhere. When you’re trying to focus, make it all about the task at hand.


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Want a way of remembering all of those tasks you have to complete? You need Evernote. With a place for absolutely everything in your life, Evernote allows you to categorize all sorts of information and work through different categories whenever you want. With all of your work in one place, you won’t lost time rifling through packets of paperwork.


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Compartmentalizing your time is one of the most effective ways of getting the most out of each and every minute. By allocating a specific number of minutes to each task and scheduling in a series of regular, short breaks, you can focus your time much more intently and make sure you fit in the maximum amount of activity during each day. To make things clearer, you can try coding jobs and breaks in different colors, enabling you to get a sense of your day in a glance.


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Cluttered desk spaces are one of the biggest culprits for procrastination and it’s no secret why those with minimalist working spaces manage to get the most done in a day. On average, people are likely to check their phone 150 times during the day, whittling down the amount of time they could spend focusing on something else. Removing gadgets, extra papers and accessories from your desk will help you to focus and make better use of your time. Clear desk, clear mind.