3 Ways To Be Productive After Work

As soon as the end of the day rolls around, you would be hard pressed to find someone who isn’t already relaxing, kicking back in a comfy chair and decompressing from a hard day’s work. Our nights are our own time in which to do what we really want, follow our own hobbies and venture onto new projects. The trouble is, with stressful workloads and early morning starts, actually getting anything done come the evening can be something of a struggle, with most of us choosing relaxation over productivity. If you’re looking to carve out a niche for yourself, however, the hours after work can be some of the most important in the day and making full use of them can spell the difference between success and failure. Want to be more productive in life? It all starts after work.

(source: staticpixels.com

(source: staticpixels.com)

With big projects and extra tasks, it’s easy to get caught up in the rush of your job but if you commit to frequent overtime and fail to have an evening of your own, you might just end up worse off for it. Consistently working overtime allows little time for anything else in your life, leaving you wiped out and unable to focus. If you can, try finishing work at the same time each day. Not only will it help you to follow a regular schedule but also, will make switching off from stress a whole lot more easy.


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For many people, the end of work means a chance to socialize and begin a new activity and while involving yourself in new things after you leave the office is entirely positive, setting aside time to rest beforehand is essential for your own well being. Rushing from one activity to the next will only increase feelings of stress, so make sure you have at least 30 minutes alone after work to decompress from the day. Once you’ve cleared your mind, you will find focusing on the new activity much more easy.



Before the week even begins, it can be a great idea to have an outline of how you will spend your time after work. Setting aside a little time over the weekend to schedule in events, talk to friends and fill out your diary will make managing your time during the working week much easier, leaving you free to enjoy whatever you might have planned. Already knowing what you are doing will also make balancing extra work a breeze; you’re in control of your own time.