7 Reasons Some People Are More Successful Than Others

Let’s face it, in life, there are just those few people that always seem to be successful no matter what they do and no matter who they do it with. For the rest of us, we are stuck wondering “how can these people always be successful”? Well, the definition of successful can vary from person to person and so can the ways they become successful. But this list of 7 traits and characteristics do a great job at providing some reasoning as to why some people are more successful than others.

1. They are flexible

If individuals are constantly tied to doing things a certain way and they don’t like to deviate, they are likely to limit themselves in terms of success. This is because different situations call for different approaches, so you need to be flexible and willing to try new things. If you keep going back to the same old solutions for potentially new problems, you will get stuck in the mud and be unable to move forward and achieve more success.

2. They take feedback well

(source: http://www.lumesse.com/)

(source: http://www.lumesse.com/)

If people are unable to take constructive criticism well without taking it personal, that severely inhibits their ability to learn and grow as a person. Of course, there is a difference between constructive criticism and straight up being rude, but if you cant take criticism or feedback from your peers, it will without a doubt hold you back from being as successful as you could have been.

3. They aren’t scared of failure

Everyone fails, it just a part of human nature. Even the best and most powerful people in the world have failed numerous times. You have to be willing to fail and then rise up again if you want to be successful. If you just give up after failure, or are too scared of failure to take some risks, you won’t attain the level of success that you seek most likely.

4. They are not scared to work hard

(source: http://www.successpraxis.com/)

(source: http://www.successpraxis.com/)

Hard work is absolutely crucial if your goal is to be successful. Too many people try to find shortcuts, and when they can’t, they simply give up. Being able to persevere through the hard times and not run away when life is tough are imperative to the success of a person. Hard work can also instill a sense of accomplishment and pride in a person that not many other things can.

5. They know when to listen

Oftentimes, people think that what they think is what’s right, bar none. These people often think so highly of themselves compared to others that they never ask for help of never listen to others. Successful people know that they are not the best at everything on earth, and they know that they need to sometimes rely on other experts for answers and help. If you are willing to listen and collaborate with other individuals, the level of success you will reach will be far beyond that of someone who simply relies on themselves.

6. They aren’t jealous

(source: http://courtneyriouxcoaching.com/)

(source: http://courtneyriouxcoaching.com/)

Successful people know that no good can come of comparing yourself to your neighbor. Success comes from within and you shouldn’t compare yourselves to others as there is always going to be someone richer and smarter than you. Growth and success is between you and you. Be a better person than you were yesterday and be grateful for what you have, not envious of what others have. Of course, being hungry and determined is good, but complaining and jealousy are not.

7. They are honest with themselves

If you are not truthful and honest with yourself on all levels, it does you no good. If you want to be successful, you need to know what you do well and try to figure out how to get better at things that you do not do well. If you lie to yourself and say that everything is going perfectly when it really isn’t, you are going to run into some real challenges throughout your life and somebody won’t always be around to bail you out of them.