How to Create an Urban Vegtable Garden

Get out your potting soil, gloves and trowel. It’s time to get your hands in the dirt and grow your own organic food!

home garden


Don’t get intimidated if you have never grown a thing in your life. It is pretty straight forward, simple and fun! The best part of gardening is that you get to eat the beautiful, nutrient-rich fruit, vegetables and herbs right off the plant, plus less grocery shopping! Plants make your home pretty too! Gardening is rewarding and can be quite meditative. Watching plants grow and transform into food is really such an amazing part of life that we seem to loose touch of these days. If you have kids, get them involved! They will love it! Here are a couple simple ways to get started.

Grow in Containers



You can plant tomatoes, lettuce, kale, cucumbers… practically anything in a container. The set up pictured above self-waters the plants below if you are really cramped for space. You can plant smaller greens such as basil, cilantro, or parsley in cut soda bottles to make hanging planters. What a clever idea and you can pat yourself on the back for re-using plastic bottles! Try out five gallon buckets, coffee cans or wooden boxes. Then all you need to do is check your pots for drainage or add your own holes to the containers. Pick up some organic potting soil and compost, choose your plants and you are ready to go! You can buy organic starters from a nursery or easily order seeds online from Johnny’s Selected Seeds. Don’t worry about making mistakes because all a plant needs is soil, water, sun and a little love. Before you know it, you are going to be enjoying the fruits of your labor!

Vertical Garden

vertical garden


This project is a simple as it looks. What you will need is a pallet, chalkboard paint, soil and herbs and you have yourself a vertical garden. Pallet gardening is a fabulous way to garden on a balcony or patio. Throw out those stale powdered seasonings. Your meals are going to come to life by using fresh herbs! Just think of all the creations you can make such as Sparkling Mint Lemonade, Italian Dressing, or Basil Pesto. Don’t thank me, thank your newly found green thumb!