You Can Travel Abroad Even If You’re Broke: 5 Tricks

You can always travel. There is a way to see the world despite many obstacles. Think about it. People have been traveling since the dawn of humanity with far less than you have.



Forget about that. How about that person who is always traveling? You know, the one who doesn’t make any more income than you, but somehow travels all the time. How does that happen?

They plan for it. You can do the same.

Don’t believe me? Walk out your front door then walk as far as you can. Okay, so you’re not going to do that since you’re still here, but imagine if you did… It would cost you nothing.

Now, take that basic concept, spreading it out over greater distances. The trick is finding ways to cover your bases while you travel. There is a way. All you need is the will.

It’s all about where you pick as your destination, what you’re willing to do to get there, and how you cover your responsibilities while you’re away… that is if you think you’ll come back.

Travel To Inexpensive Countries



The United States and Canada are not cheap places to live. Sure, goods are often better priced than the rest of the world, but the big ticket items like food and board are often less expensive abroad.

Most of your money, when you’re being wise about how you spend it, goes to your costs of living. When you travel, there are no utility bills on top of rent.

Depending on where you travel, food groups like produce in tropical places can be cheaper than back home. You may not only save money on food but eat more a more healthy diet abroad.

As part of your planning, do thorough research on your possible destinations before going to the next steps. Beware the cost of air travel. Places like Bali may seem ideal for their super low cost of living, but you may break your bank just getting there.

Fuel ain’t cheap.




A great way to knock down your living expenses is to volunteer.

There are too many possible volunteer opportunities to cover in this one article but start with your passions. Do you like to garden? Work on a farm. Do you like animals? Volunteer in a rescue or a zoo.

A quick search online will turn up pages of results, pairing you with the right opportunity. You may have to incur some expense, but most volunteer opportunities include at least some of your costs.

You could hop from gig-to-gig until you’re sick of it.

Sublet Your Place



Check with your landlord on this one. If you own your place, check with nobody, unless you have some weird HOA rule against letting your place while you travel.

For every dollar you can rent out your place, you save. A subletter usually won’t pay your full rent. You’ll have to cover the difference.

Keeping in mind that rents can be cheaper abroad,  you may still decrease your total rent covering the difference of you subletter plus your accommodations abroad.

Tip: If you decide to sublease your apartment, be vigilant in your vetting process.

Get a safety deposit, even if you lease to a friend. Things break. Expect it. Plan for it.

Travel With Friends



This works in combination with volunteering, plus makes the prospect of working in a new environment less intimidating if you’re with friends. Not to mention, when you’re done with work you have party pals.

Even if you don’t volunteer, traveling with friends cuts your costs.

Be careful with this one. One friend means you split the difference on everything, including when to compromise your plans. By contrast, when you travel alone you compromise with nobody.

The more friends you add, the more you have to compromise, and the slower you move.

Stay In Hostels



If the idea of shoveling manure doesn’t float your boat, and travel with friends means you’ll spend the whole time bickering, then you may be on your own.

You’ll save huge bucks on login by hosteling. You can still run this play if you travel with friends, but if you’re alone, you’ll want to stay in hostels.

From location to location, hostels will offer a wide variety of accommodations. You may have a bunk in a large room or you may get your own room. Not likely, but it happens.

You’ll share the bathroom in most situations. Security can be a problem, but not usually. Since all the hostelers are in the same boat, there is an unwritten law about messing with people’s bags. It happens, but it’s a violation of the hostel code.

Don’t take unnecessary risks, leaving tempting items behind or in view.



If you work online, then you, my friend, are a potential nomad. You could toss it all, sell or trash everything you live, then put what matters in a bag.

Even if you aren’t employed online, you could be in time with just a little planning. Then you are completely free of any tethers. You can travel until you’re sick of it.

Believe it or not, for many people, this is the new normal.

Don’t forget: People traveled great distances long before there was internet or computers. You have so many tools at your disposal.

What are you waiting for?