8 Vegan Post-Workout Recipes


Post-workout fuel is crucial after you’ve put your body through its paces and while it can feel tempting to let rip and dig into a bag of chips, there are many healthier alternatives out there which will feed your body more. While protein and carbohydrates are key after a hefty workout, it doesn’t mean you have to load up on meat and bread and in fact, sticking to a vegan alternative can help your body to recover faster in a shorter period of time. If you’re looking to go the really healthy route, then these vegan dishes will really serve you right and better yet, they taste fantastic.


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If you thought that all yogurt was packed full of dairy, then think again. This raw vegan coconut yogurt is not only a great source of post-workout fuel but also, it won’t sit on your stomach for hours after you eat it. If you’re looking to pack this dish out with a tangy punch, you can try topping your dish with a few berries to finish it off. Be warned though; once you’ve had one bowl, you might not want to stop.


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There’s a reason why Popeye chowed down on all of that spinach to become strong. Packed full of iron, spinach is a great source of protein and fiber and will help to build back any muscle wastage you experience during your workout. The lentils form a great alternative source of carbohydrates in this recipe and will leaving you full and satisfied for hours afterwards.


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Peppers might just be one of the most versatile vegetables out there. Not only are they packed full of vitamins and minerals but also, they can act as healthy cases for a whole range of tasty ingredients. These stuffed peppers come served up with quinoa, one of the best grains for your health. Finished off with a hot mix of spices, this recipe might quickly become a part of your foodie repertoire.


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Tucking into a vegetable snack is one of the best ways in which to pick yourself up post-workout and, served up with a healthy and tasty hummus side, these veggies might just be the best out there. The chickpeas in the hummus are a great source of protein and carbohydrates, feeding back your body the energy is has spent and helping it to get stronger in the long run.


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Despite being relatively under the radar, pea protein is starting to emerge as one of the healthiest food supplements on the market, fitting into to a fully rounded vegan diet. This soup is packed full of antioxidants and minerals and, as it doesn’t contain any lactose or gluten, is one of the easiest dishes to digest following an intense workout. Your tummy will thank you later.


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If you’re looking for a pick-me-up snack after your workout, then you would be well suited in whipping up a vegan juice to help to restore lost minerals and vitamins. When it comes to making your juice, you’re free to make whatever selection you choose, although it might be worth trying a combination of cucumber, spinach, carrot, apple and pear. Once you’ve tried one combination, you can explore a ton of other recipes; the vegan juice world is your oyster!


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You might, however, want to keep it old school following a workout and if that’s the case, then you can’t go wrong with a good old fashioned sandwich. This chickpea, sunflower seed and tomato offering is so simple that you can even try whipping it up before your workout and keeping it in your gym bag. Now that’s instant vegan satisfaction!


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Feeling like you’re flagging after a workout is a common side effect and if you’re looking to replace your energy stores fast, then you might want to try a raw bar. This recipe, packed with chamomile, ginger and lemon, is particularly good for giving you a boost following a strenuous workout and won’t leave you feeling full and bloated. You can even try making the recipe in smaller balls and enjoying the vegan snack on the go.