3 Simple Ways To Please And Pamper Your Pretty Lady

Gentleman, let me give you a little insight in the mind of a woman. We enjoy the simple things and quality time. It doesn’t take diamonds, gold and fine dining to please us. Maybe you are in the dog house or you just want to show your lady how much you care about her? Try these 3 simple tips. You just might strike the right chord.

1. Pack a Picnic for an Adventure


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Most girls love spontaneity. So why not pack up some sandwiches, sliced fruit and veggies, and some crackers and cheese? Run into the market, grab a bottle of champagne and you have yourself a delightful picnic that will impress your lady! Drive up to a mountain and find a romantic place to set up for the day. Spend the day exploring nature together or taking a hike! It never hurts to put down a blanket under the trees and play around with the birds and the bees! This is a great way to unwind as a couple and get away from daily burdens or routines that may put on a strain on your relationship. Your gal will love that you planned a special day to relax together!

2. Rub Some Toes


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Women love massages and love to be touched. There is nothing better than a foot massage. Pick up some bath salts and fill a large bowl with hot water and the salts. Tell your lover that you have a simple surprise for her and you are in the mood to pamper her. Dim the lights, turn on Sade and get sensual. Have her soak her toes for 30 minutes. Then use lotions, coconut oil or massage oil to work wonders on her toes. Slowly massage her feet and up her legs until one thing leads to another. She will surely be smiling soon.

3. Breakfast in Bed

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Rise and shine a little earlier than normal to prepare a thoughtful meal. What is your lady’s favorite breakfast? Whatever it is, take the time to make it and deliver it to her as the sun is coming up and her eyes are just opening. Embellish with foods you can hand feed her or eat off her body. She might be so pleased, that breakfast is thrown aside and she decides to ravish you instead. That is the plan isn’t it?