4 Simple Ways To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

Feelings of inadequacy, low self-worth and cripplingly low confidence; low-self-esteem can affect the most outspoken of us in ways we never even saw coming. When you’re dealing with low self-esteem on a daily basis, getting through the most simple of tasks can be incredibly difficult and leave you feeling drained and depressed. There is another way, though. Feeling good about yourself is not necessarily something that will happen overnight but, as long as you’re willing to take the time to improve your feelings of self-worth, you can become a happier, healthier you. Self confidence is yours for the taking; you just need to chase it.


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Much of how we’re feeling in a particularly stressful situation comes from within and, unless we release emotions from our heads and into the world, it can be very difficult to deal with negative thoughts. If you don’t want to talk to someone about your worries, try writing them down in a journal instead. Simply seeing what is making you feel bad about yourself can help you to pinpoint the problem and understand why these feelings might come about in the first place.


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Those of us who have the lowest self-esteem often treat ourselves in ways we would never dream of treating our loved ones. If you’re constantly picking on yourself for things that are out of your control, try changing your approach and imagine you are talking to one of your friends. Ultimately, you are the most important person in your own life and you need to show yourself a little compassion before you can truly appreciate it from others.


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People suffering with low self-esteem are the most likely of us to feel pressured into saying yes to outings or projects in the fear of offending the other person. In order to truly respect yourself, you need to listen to your own needs and go with your gut. If you want to say no, say no. When you start to say what you really mean, you will gradually build up the confidence to do it without a second thought.


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When you feel really helpless and like you can’t do anything right, try directing some of that negative energy to a different place, and transform it into something new. Helping people who are truly in need is a great way of shifting your perspective and will give you a huge sense of personal gratification. Doing a little good will show you of just what you’re capable, shining a light on your very best qualities.